Danielle U. Pratt

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Danielle was born and raised in Snohomish County and has continued to devote her time and service to the community since becoming a lawyer. She attended the University of Washington, where she obtained dual degrees in English and Spanish, and a minor in International Studies-Comparative Religion. Danielle attended Willamette University College of Law.

Danielle joined Mill Creek Law in 2017. She enjoys a general practice where she is able to work in many fields of the law. Her practice focuses primarily on serving families and the elderly in the community. Areas of practice include estate planning, probate, estate litigation, guardianship, vulnerable adult protection, domestic relations and personal injury.

Danielle enjoys spending time volunteering, playing sports and convincing her lazy dog to get some exercise. Danielle is a member of the Washington State Bar Association, the Snohomish County Bar Association (board of directors member), and the Western District of Washington Federal Bar. She is an active member of the Mill Creek Rotary, serving on the Board as the upcoming President for 2018-2019.

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